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Elite Sales & Technology, LTD

Elite Sales & Technology, LTD is a Supplier of Custom Manufactured Molded & Injected Plastics, Touch Screens, Custom Keypads,
Membrane Switches, Connectors
& Light Guide Film
Used in Various Electronic Control Systems

...we offer oustanding customer supportwith our 20+ Years of Experience

Elite Sales - Molded & Injected Plastics, Membrane Switches & More

Membrane switch keyboards are a durable and valuable upgrade for existing or custom ordered products. They're able to provide very little if any tactile feedback, which can make them excellent for daily use. Custom lighting can be integrated to accommodate nearly any design model, and they can offer high or low contrast as desired. Their adaptability makes them easy to implement in a number of different products, which makes them ideal for custom orders or to modify existing tools. The membrane tends to add very little weight, and so the membrane is ideal for mobile devices or any tool that needs to be easily portable.

The Elite Advantage:

As a factory US sales office, Elite can save valuable engineering time and assist with the sometimes language barrier. Received files are reviewed for troublesome issues prior to submission and factory feed-back is communicated quickly. Elite becomes your remote location working on your behalf at all times. Late night factory phone conversations can be eliminated. If a factory visit is called for, Elite can arrange and accompany your personnel on such a visit. All of which saves project cost and design time.