Elite Sales & Technology, LTD

Elite Sales & Technology, LTD produces custom:
  • Plastic Injection parts and Housings
  • Keypads (IMD, Plastics, Silicone, Etc)
  • Membrane Switches and Overlays
  • Touch Screens (Resistive, Capacitive, Touch Lens)
  • Light Guide Films
  • Elastomeric Connectors

Manufacturing for Custom Membrane Switches & Keyboards

Elite Sales & Technology, LTD is an industry leader in the production of custom membrane switches used widely in medical, automotive, and electronics applications. Each custom membrane switch has a basic 3-layer construction that consists of a top polyester layer with printed graphics and conductive pads underneath. The second layer is a polyester film spacer with switch cutouts, while the third layer could be a film with the switch contacts printed in conductive ink, a printed circuit board or membrane keyboard with the switch contact etched in. More complex layering can be utilized as well.

Our engineers will work with you to design a custom membrane switch or membrane keyboard with the mechanical and electrical specifications appropriate for its operating environment and with the graphical look you desire. A custom membrane switch can incorporate material, films, and other components to meet specific requirements such as backlighting, tamper protection and insulation. Tactile switches can be created for your membrane keyboard by adding embossing to the top layer, or by adding metal domes to the bottom layer. We produce prototype samples for customer approval and are capable of any size production run with short lead times.

Elite also designs flex-circuit interconnect assemblies, similar to custom membrane switches without the graphic overlay, and maintains four electronic manufacturing services (EMS) assembly lines to provide complete, start-to-finish production. To learn more about our custom membrane switches and flexible circuits, read below, or contact us today to learn how we can help with your application.

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Custom Printed Precision Membrane Switch Assembly

Custom Printed Precision Membrane Switch Assembly

The custom printed precision membrane switch shown here highlights the many technologies and processes available from Elite Sales & Technology, LTD. Our quality printing and precise color matching capabilities allow for printing of vivid colors and highly detailed graphics... Read More

Custom Electronic Membrane Switches Capabilities

General Capabilities  
Engineering Assistance with Clients
Prototype mock-up Sample
Value Added Process Post Molding
EMS and Contract Assembly
Switch Types   Membrane Switches
Flex Circuits
General Considerations  
Membrane Switch Materials   Polyester (PET)
Polycarbonate (PC)
Polyimide (PI)
Top Layer (Flex Layer)   Clear Polyester (PET) Film
Conductive Pads
Middle Layer (PSA Layer)   Polyester Film
Switch Cut Outs
Bottom Circuit Layer (Stable Layer)  
Polyester Film
Printed Circuit Board
Switch Contacts / Interconnections
Conductive Ink
Metal Dome
Membrane Structure   Flat Type
Metal Dome Type
Embossed Dome Type
Membrane Switch Design Options  
Embossed Dome Overlay
Rim-Embossed Overlay
Roof-Embossed Overlay / Metal Dome
Flat / Non-Tactile / No Embossing
Flat Overlay / Metal Dome
Venting   Key-to-Key Venting
Venting to Atmosphere
Internal Venting
Color   Pantone Color Matching System (PMS)
Color Chips/Samples
Tails & Connectors
Backlighting (LED)
Thickness   0.125 to 1 mm
Maximum Width   600mm
Maximum Length   700mm
Maximum Voltage   28 VDC
Maximum Current   50 mA
Maximum Switch Power   1.6 W
Contact Resistance   100 ohm or less
Insulation Resistance   100 Mohm or more at 100V DC
Withstand Voltage   125V AC for 1 minute
Contact Bounce   15m sec or less
Operation Load   50 to 300 g
Stroke   More than 0.1 mm
Flat Switch Operation Life (Actuations)   Up to 5,000,000 cycles
Tactile Operation Life (Actuations)   Up to 3,000,000 cycles
Total Travel   .006 to .022 in (0.15mm to0.56mm)
Operating Force   4 to 20 oz (113.4g to 567g)
Operating Temperature   -10 to +50 °C (14F to 122F)
Operating Humidity   < 90% RH
Storage Temperature   -25 to +70 °C (-13F to 158F)
Industry Focus  
Industry Standards   ISO Certified
RoHS Compliant
Intended Application  
Office Equipment
Entertainment Systems
Industrial Controls
Electronic Games
Gas Pumps
Production Volume   Prototype to Large Scale Production Volume Run
Prototype Lead Time   Membrane Switch: 10-12 days
Overlays: 8-10 days
Production Tooling Lead Time   8-10 days
Production Parts   10-15 days
Lead Time (Switches)   Samples: 7-10 days
Production: 2-3 weeks
Lead Time (Tooling)   Samples: 7-10 days
Production: 10-12 days
File Formats   Solid Works, igs, pdf

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