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Elite Sales & Technology, LTDElite Sales & Technology, LTD is a Supplier of Custom Manufactured Molded & Injected Plastics, Touch Screens, Custom Keypads,
Membrane Switches, Connectors
& Light Guide Film
Used in Various Electronic Control Systems

Silicone Rubber Keypad using Compression Silicone Molding & Silk Screening

Silicone Rubber Keypad

Elite Sales & Technology can manufacture key pads and components for a variety of applications utilizing silicone molds.

The pictured keypad is a simple silicone rubber keypad created with silicone molding. It features opaque material and positive image printing. The ink used for the graphics is a silicone based ink so that it is bonded to the base material after post curing. A coating is applied to extend the life of the graphics if requested. We have several coatings for this function. Please contact us for information about each of the coatings.

The method of making contact with a PCB is by conductive carbon pills (carbon impregnated silicone molds) on the bottom of each key. Because the contact pills are silicone based they are permanently molded to the silicone base material. Carbon pills used in the silicone molding process are available in diameters of 2.0~8.0mm with 0.5mm intervals. We also use screened conductive ink and ink applied by Tempo printing when odd shapes are needed.

This keypad has air channels on the back side to prevent sticking keys due to suction. These air channels connect key to key and also go out to the edges of the keypad. If a need for a more water and dust resistant keypad is needed, the air channels should not go to the edges of the keypad base material. These buttons also have anti-wobble pins on the reverse side which also assists in preventing sticking keys.

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Capabilities Applied/Processes Compression Molding And Silk Screening
Tightest Tolerance Please Refer "Precise" Tolerance Chart
Product Length 95.25 mm
Product Width 95.25 mm
Product Height 12.7 mm
Product Weight 45 gms
Cutting Method Tear Lines Made In Mold
Pull Off Flash Material.
Temperature Range Operating Temperature: -30° C to +180° C
Storage Temperature: -42° C to 250° C
Base Material Silicone Rubber
Material Used Silicone Rubber & Silcone Based Ink
Material Finish Matte
Packaging Stacked In Zip Lock Bags Before Boxing.
Barcoding On Bags And Boxes Done On Request
Special Feature Carbon Contact Pills
Industry for Use Phone
Delivery Time 2 to 3 Weeks from receipt of PO
Delivery Location FOB Hong Kong
Shipped Worldwide
Drawing Type Accepted PDF
Product Description Opaque Silicone Material With Positive Image Printing And Carbon Pills

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