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Elite Sales & Technology, LTD produces custom:
  • Plastic Injection parts and Housings
  • Keypads (IMD, Plastics, Silicone, Etc)
  • Membrane Switches and Overlays
  • Touch Screens (Resistive, Capacitive, Touch Lens)
  • Light Guide Films
  • Elastomeric Connectors

Custom Printed Membrane Switch Assembly with Embossed Keys

Printed Precision Membrane Switch AssemblyThe custom printed precision membrane switch shown here highlights the many technologies and processes available from Elite Sales & Technology, LTD. Our quality printing and precise color matching capabilities allow for printing of vivid colors and highly detailed graphics.

Windows can be produced with clear or translucent colors. Windows, as well as the entire surface of the printed membrane switch can be manufactured with a glossy or textured film finish. Whether using glossy or textured finish, all membranes have the printing on the second surface. This prevents graphic wear and simplifies cleaning.

Printed membrane switches can be fabricated with various key styles, from raised outlines, pillow embossed, to plain flat keys. All keys can have a metal dome base for good tactile feel, or can also be non-tactile but still "make" the circuit when pushed. Also available are LED lamps, which are placed in the circuit layer.

Tails can have multiple terminations as shown. Traces can be silver or black (carbon). The tail shown here has black carbon printed over the silver ink to prevent it from migrating.

For more information on all of our options and printed membrane switch capabilities, see the table below or contact us directly.

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Custom Printed Precision Membrane Switch Assembly Project Highlights

Product Description   Membrane Switch
Precision Membrane Switch Assembly Capabilities/Processes  
Printing graphics on visible top layer
Printed traces on circuit layer
Embossing keys
Terminating connecting tail
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part  
Printing stations
Heat/Pressure embossing presses
Punch dies
Termination machines
Solder flow machines for SMT
Overall Part Dimensions   Length: 149.23mm
Width: 100.013mm
Height: 0.97mm
Material Used  
Conductive Ink
Metal domes
Material Color   Clear
In process testing performed   Color matching
Electrical circuit testing
Estimated Part Weight   30 Grams
Industry for Use   Automotive
Standards Met   Customer supplied specifications
Product Name   Multiple Technology Membrane Switch

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