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Double Injection Molding of Polycarbonate Keys for the Telephone Industry

 Polycarbonate Keys for the Telephone IndustryUsed in the telecommunication industry, this keypad is molded from polycarbonate and required two color, double injection molding, which was performed on our double injection press. The combined shots weighed 25 grams, with a finished size of 82.55mm x 63.50mm x 14.2875mm. As with all of the products we produce a regimen of rigorous quality control was implemented into production.

The completed part featured graphics that are protected from abrasion, and material that will allow backlighting if required. For more information on this project, see the table below or contact us directly.

Polycarbonate keys are popular in the telecommunications industry and beyond. Most popular for use in producing clear, transparent keys, it's a lightweight and resilient material, which can hold up under repeated usage and daily stress. Stress testing and rigorous quality checks are implemented throughout the production process to ensure that only the highest quality keys are produced. Polycarbonate is not prone to the yellowing or discoloration that's common in some other materials. Additionally, it's more impact resistant than acrylic. While perhaps there's no such thing as a perfect material in manufacturing, polycarbonate offers an affordable, easily molded, and durable material. It's useful for a number of different manufacturing purposes, and these keys simply provide an example in a long list of possibilities.

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Custom Double Injection Molding of Polycarbonate Keys Project Highlights

Product Description   Used within a telephone assembly.
Double Color Injection Molding Capabilities Applied/Processes   2 Color Double Injection Molding
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part   Double injection press
Overall Part Dimensions   Length: 82.55mm
Width: 63.50mm
Height: 14.2875mm
Material Used   Polycarbonate
Features   Graphics are Protected from Abrasion
Can Utilize Clear Material if Backlighting is Required
In process testing/inspection performed   Dimensions, color matching, look for short shots.
Estimated Part Weight   25 grams
Industry for Use   Telephone/Electronics
Standards Met   Customer supplied specifications
Product Name   Telephone Keys

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