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Insert Molding of a Scanner Cover for the Electronics Industry: ATM Scanner/Bar-Code Reader

Scanner Cover for the Electronics IndustryUsed within an ATM scanner/bar-code reader assembly, this custom insert molded cover is composed of aluminum with polycarbonate and TPE. Fabrication included insert molding, overmolding, and surface printing. The processes applied to manufacture this component provide a durable, robust finish that will hold up to years of heavy use.

Many products need the combination of strength, durability, soft touch and beauty represented by the example of this ATM/bar-code scanner cover. If you are designing a product which needs these attributes rolled into one beautiful package, please contact Elite Sales & Technology for a more thorough explanation of the processes and design assistance. See the table below for additional information on this project.

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Custom Insert Molding of a Scanner Project Highlights

Product Description   Used in an ATM scanner/bar-code reader
Custom Insert Molding Capabilities Applied/Processes   Insert Molding
Second Surface Printing
  • Provided Protection for Graphics
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part   Insert molding, overmolding, & painting
Material Used   Polycarbonate
Features   Durability Strong Robust Unit
Estimated Part Weight   200 grams
Industry for Use   Electronics
Standards Met   Customer supplied specifications.
Product Name   ATM Scanner/Bar-Code Reader Cover

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