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Insert Molding of Polycarbonate Waterproof Cases for the Digital Camera Industry

Polycarbonate Waterproof Cases for the Digital Camera IndustryHighly precise injection molding was required to produce this waterproof camera case. Building to the customer specifications, this 380 gram case required insert molding of the front and rear of the case, as well as double injection molding of the keys and push button.

Measuring 130mm x 80mm x 95mm, the case is composed of polycarbonate and TPE, with black and red coloring. Each unit was pressure pot tested, which involved subjecting it to the equivalent of 50 meters of water. For more information on this precision insert molding project or our custom plastic cases for electronics, see the table below or contact us directly.

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Custom Insert Molding of Polycarbonate Waterproof Cases Project Highlights

Product Description   This waterproof case is used to protect digital cameras
Precision Insert Molding Capabilities Applied/Processes   Insert Molding
  • Mold Front & Rear Case
Double Injection Molding
  • Mold Keys and Push Buttons
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part   Single injection, insert molding, painting
Overall Part Dimensions   Length: 130mm
Width: 80mm
Height: 95mm
Material Used   Polycarbonate
Material Color   Black w/ Red Inserts
In process testing performed   Pressure Pot testing
  • Submerge Each Unit into Pressure Pit to the Depth of 50 Meters to Ensure Quality
Estimated Part Weight   380 Grams
Industry for Use   Digital Camera/Electronics
Standards Met   Customer Supplied Specifications
Product Name   Waterproof Digital Camera Case

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