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Elite Sales & Technology, LTD produces custom:
  • Plastic Injection parts and Housings
  • Keypads (IMD, Plastics, Silicone, Etc)
  • Membrane Switches and Overlays
  • Touch Screens (Resistive, Capacitive, Touch Lens)
  • Light Guide Films
  • Elastomeric Connectors

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Keypad

Thermoplastic Polyurethane Keypad

This keypad has the soft feel of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane). This TPU film is formed using a co-molding process with silicone rubber. It is similar to IMD (In Mold Decorating) but has a softer feel than is available with PET films generally used in IMD keypads. TPU film cannot be formed with deep draws like PET films used in IMD keypads. Thus they are ideal for thin keypads used in small hand held devices. The TPU material has superior abrasion resistance and is resistant to chemicals and UV lighting.

Keypads are constantly in contact with fingers, which can transmit dust and other contaminants, and that also means the keypad is constantly coming into contact with the oil from those fingers. If the product comes into contact with the face, there are oils that are transmitted to the keypad there as well. Thanks to excellent the chemical resistant qualities of TPU, these oils will not adversely affect the keypads. The keys can last longer and resist premature aging, corrosion, and the constant wear and tear of daily use.

This particular keypad s co-molded with a metal frame for stiffness and assembly operations.

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Capabilities Applied/Processes Reverse printed TPU co-molded with silicone & stainless steel.  
Tightest Tolerance Please Refer "Precise" Tolerance Chart
Product Length 104 mm
Product Width 33 mm
Product Height 1.5 mm
Product Weight 20 gms
Cutting Method Metal Stamping
Temperature Range Operating Temperature: -30° C to +180° C
Storage Temperature: -42° C to 250° C
Base Material Silicone Rubber
Material Used Silicone rubber, TPU and stainless steel
Material Finish Matte
Packaging Stacked In Zip Lock Bags Before Boxing.
Barcoding On Bags And Boxes Done On Request
Special Feature Non-conductive, TPU co-molded with silicone rubber & stainless steel
Industry for Use Smart Phones/Tablets
Delivery Time 2 to 3 Weeks from receipt of PO
Delivery Location FOB Hong Kong
Shipped Worldwide
Drawing Type Accepted PDF
Product Description Thin QWERTY keypad, silicone rubber, TPU and stainless steel

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